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Table of Contents
    Basic Site Usage
    Custom Palettes
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Link to Support Discord Server

Basic Site Usage is a website used to track when events in The Hypixel Pit occur. This can be helpful if players want to participate in specific events or are curious about what's about to happen in-game.

On the site, events are displayed in order. The timestamps on the right are a countdown until the event happens and a 24-hour timestamp as to the time of the event happening in your local time zone. For major events, this countdown and timestamp refer to when the three-minute in-game countdown for the event starts, not the actual starting time of the event. This is to be consistent with Pit Supporter. Major events are also indicated with a faint white outline around the event.


To change's settings, click the Settings icon (settings). A settings menu will drop down with various items to click.

The items are the following:

If the settings aren't saving for you for some reason, you can just embed the settings in the URL. To do that, just select which settings you want to implement to the site (see below), and add them to the end of the URL with a question mark, such as Such settings are below:

Note that it's possible to type in weird things into the URL (e.g. clock=999) that aren't supported. Such items will either not work or completely break the site on your end. To reset these, click the Clear Settings and URL button.

Settings imported from the old version of also are compatible with the modern version. Settings in the URL will override whatever you have stored in localStorage.

Custom Palettes

You can share a palette by giving your friends the URL from the palette generator. Once they open the link, they'll see something like this (try it yourself here):

If they select "Yes!", they'll be able to give a name to the palette.

You can currently only have one custom palette enabled at a time (why would you need more?), but I'll try to fix this later.

Frequently Asked Questions
⸺ in order of importance ⸺

The timestamps on the site are wrong

There's no events

How do I go to the old version of

What's new in the redesign?

I need an older version of the site.

How do I get a quote on the bottom of the site?

Who are you?

Why did you redesign the site, anyway?

Why does your code suck?

Why didn't you use ClumplunkleJS or [insert random JavaScript library]? Why's it all client-side?

But you could've just implemented Clumplunkle's BlorgleFlorgle() method and it would cure cancer and—

Are you in need of additional assistance, or have a question that's not listed here? Please join the Pit Resource Support Discord server and create a private ticket. Alternatively, you can contact me through this project's GitHub repository.