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Once you're done, scroll down to the purple box at the bottom of the page.
Go to the main page, open the settings (click settings), click Custom under Palette, and then click Import and paste in your palette.
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  Squads in 5m 52s — 10:07
  Dragon Egg in 1h 38m — 11:45
  Pizza in 1h 56m — 12:08
  King of the Hill in 3h 27m — 13:35
  Raffle in 18h 22m — 04:31
  King of the Ladder in 1h 28m — 11:37
  Blockhead in 50m 6s — 10:59
  2x Rewards in 23m 52s — 10:33
  Spire in 6h 53m — 17:03
  Care Package in 1h 1m — 11:11
  Team Deathmatch in 3h 32m — 21:58
  Auction in 1h 40m — 11:50
  Robbery in 4h 6m — 14:16
  Quick Maths in 4h 16m — 14:27
  Rage Pit in 2h 57m — 13:08
  Giant Cake in 10m 31s — 10:21
  Beast in 7h 45m — 17:56
  Everyone Gets a Bounty in 15m 14s — 10:26


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